A view of the Columbia River Gorge through an arch in a stone wall at Vista House.
  Photos by Gary Halvorson, Oregon State Archives


Juvenile Measure 11 Report - Click here to view the latest Juvenile Measure 11 report and overview.

OREGON CRIMINAL REPORTER, SECOND SERIES (OCR 2d) NOW AVAILABLE!! - On behalf of the Attorney General and the Appellate Division of the Department of Justice, the most recent update to the OREGON CRIMINAL REPORTER, SECOND SERIES (OCR 2d) is available to ODAA members electronically at no charge by contacting Michelle Long, ODAA Coordinator at 503-378-6347 or Michelle.N.Long@doj.state.or.us.

Prison Population Forecast - Governor Kitzhaber’s seven-member Public Safety Commission meets in Salem for the first of four statewide meetings on comprehensive sentencing reform. . . more

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